Ari Brown


Works In Progress

A private link to 34 tracks of unreleased material intended for a future album.

Magic 8 Ball

Electronic album released on Spotify by Good Point, the duo between myself and Theo Kepler. Theo and I complement each other's musical backgrounds in a way that balances texture and experimental timbres with upbeat groove. I started from classical piano, and am also heavily influenced by the independent music scene in Los Angeles, ranging in style from psychedelic hiphop to R&B. Theo is trained classically in piano, has been drumming for 8 years, and also sings in Good Point. His influences range from artists like Mura Masa and Eastghost to John McLaughlin, and he is most influenced by a combination of alternative and electronic music.


Bling EP

Electronic EP released on Spotify by Good Point, the duo between myself and Theo Kepler.


The Process

Electronic album released on SoundCloud. The Process explores the balance between experimental texture and creating music in an accessible way. The album draws from influences such as Flying Lotus, Daedelus, Thundercat, Anderson .Paak, Kendrick Lamar, D'Angelo, and Frank Ocean. Many of these songs are not completely developed, but rather reflect a valuable period of writing in which I learned a lot about mixing and the process of creating.

"Art is never finished, only abandoned" - Leonardo da Vinci



Electronic album influenced by the idea of the unkown. This album's song titles stream together into a poem, and the musical transitions flow together as well. Each song directly addresses a phrase in the poem, and the whole album is programmatic in that sense. In addition, the lyrics of the second to last song And What We Mean are comprised of the poem itself:

We are still until childhood ends. We unbury secrets to find the truth. We float along; journey into darkness confronted in our singularity. We find ourselves and what we mean. Then we rest.


First Productions

List of my first electronic productions.